How To Play Cricket ?

How To Play Cricket

Cricket is one of the most popular sports in Asia, Australia, New Zealand, and some other countries.

Many people wont know that How To Play Cricket.

Learning to play cricket is quite easy; you need to have the necessary supplies on hand and learn simple rules.



To play cricket, you need to acquire the appropriate inventory. You will need individual wooden posts and jumpers from which wickets assemble (one of the main elements of the game), cricket bats made of wood, and a cricket ball shaped like a baseball.

Also, proper sportswear is required to play cricket. It includes long pants, a shirt (with long or short sleeves), and shoes.

Some players prefer to wear boots for better traction, but they are not required.

To protect various parts of the body from being hit by the ball, it is also necessary to wear: shin guards, webbed hand gloves, and a face mask. However, not all players on the field are allowed to wear such protection.




The cricket game takes place on elliptical fields; in the center of which there is a rectangular section called pitch, its length is 22 meters, and its width is 10 meters.

The center of the field usually has shorter grass cover than the rest of the field. The playing field divided into playing zones by special lines called crises.

How to play Cricket?


Cricket teams consist of 11 people on each side. Each player’s position has its name; for example, the bowler is called the bowler, and the batter is called the batsman.

As in many other team games, the winner of the game is the team with the most points. During the game, two referees monitor the observance of the rules.

In high-level official matches, third referees may also be involved. Also, there are so-called markers to keep score; they follow the referees’ teams and calculate the game results.

The game itself consists of a set of points called wounds (from the English run – jogging). A player (bowler) of one of the teams serves the batsman of the opposite team.

The batsman bounces the ball so that it flew away as far as possible, at this moment the batsman makes a run across the field, and if some rules observe, his team earns a point (wounds).

At the same time, if the serving team players catch the ball before it hits the ground or breaks the wicket, the batsman is out of the game.

The ball play until all ten batsmen are removed from the game, after which the teams change roles.

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