How Is Cricket Scored?

How Is Cricket Scored

Cricket is a sport with many similarities to baseball, which are also present in the way cricket scores.

To know How Is Cricket Scored, it is necessary to understand what the playing field is like. Cricket play on a somewhat oval field of short grass.

Each stadium has its characteristics, some are larger, and others more oval … All the fields are the same in the central strip known as the pitch, where the batting, running, and elimination (wickets) occur.

The central strip has three sticks or stakes (stumps) on both sides, where a straight white line locates. From one to another, there is a distance of 20.12 meters.

At the moment of the pitch, accompanying the corresponding player to hit is a fellow hitter. One stands on one side of the pitch and one on the other, facing the batter.

The batting of the ball is the one that decides the score obtained by the batting team directly or indirectly.

How Is Cricket Scored?


Suppose a valid hit is make, which is not intercept by the defending team. This shot will score with:


  • Six runs if the ball manages to leave the field of play through the air. It is like a home run in baseball—this statistic value in the hitters’ achievement.
  • Four runs if the ball reaches the bottom of the field at ground level. It’s a little home run. It statistic is also highly valued in batter numbers.
  • One runs for each run they make until the defenders return the ball to the pitch. Each run scores as the batter and his partner in front of him run from line to line (20.12 m). Every race they get is a point. The tracks scores together; that is, a race is when both arrive at their respective lines, it is not scores with 1 point when one reaches their line, and when the other reaches theirs, another point award. They can run as many runs as they can, so the further and farther from a defender the ball gets, the more points they can score.

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Therefore, in cricket, there is also something similar to baseball home runs, and there are also races, as in baseball, but with the peculiarities of this sport.


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