Best Moment In Cricket History

Best Moment In Cricket History

What is the Best Moment In Cricket History in the history of Pakistani cricket? The simple answer to this question is the 1992 World Cup.

The next two major victories were the 2009 T20 World Cup and the 2017 Champions Trophy.

But it isn’t easy to decide what is the most memorable victory of Pakistan in Test cricket. It is because each victory carries a unique style.

Best Moment In Cricket History


Pakistan won a similar victory in March 1987 in a Test match played in Bangalore.

There were many ups and downs in this victory, but the result was that Pakistan won the Test series for the first time on Indian soil on the back of this dramatic 16-run victory.

Iqbal Qasim and Tauseef Ahmed were the heroes of this victory.

Iqbal Qasim also remembers this victory in a particular way because he was going through a difficult period of his profession and was thinking that maybe his cricket career comes to an end.

Imran Khan Trust


Iqbal Qasim recalls that I am not part of the Pakistani team that tour India, but before the 3rd Test in Jaipur, the selection committee decide to send him to India.

“I was not very successful in the Test matches between Jaipur and Ahmedabad. I am very disappoint, and I am sure that I could not play in the Test Match.

One reason was the fastpitch of India and the other reason. Imran Khan should not have trusted me.

One reason was the green wicket of Bangalore and the other reason. Imran Khan should not have trusted me.

“I went to Imran Khan and told him that on the green wicket you would only feed fast bowlers, and Tauseef Ahmed will play as the only sniper, so I think my career is coming to an end, but if my benefit matches You have to represent me in this which Imran Khan supported. I came out of the room, but I don’t know what nature had to do with me. ‘

How did the wicket deceive everyone?


Iqbal Qasim says that everyone betrayed the wicket of Bangalore.

Imran Khan saw the grass on the wicket and decided to feed fast bowler Saleem Jaffer, who could not do a single over in the entire match.

Iqbal Qasim remembers when he found out that the wicket is something from the outside and something from the inside.

“When the team was coming to practice, Tauseef Ahmed and I stopped near the wicket. However, we were not allow to touch the wicket.

I kept my eyes on the ground staff, and when I put my hand on the wicket, it cracked lightly from inside.

Surprised, I told Tauseef Ahmed that fake grass had put on this pitch, and the match will end on the 3rd day. It’s not the job of fast bowlers. ”

The problem was that if I told the captain or the manager about it, they would think that I justifying my play.

We also told this to Javed Miandad. I am shock when Imran Khan called me a few moments before the toss and said that you are playing this match.

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